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Purna Vitamin C Lemon

100% Organic   Boost immunity

100% Organic   Boost immunity

101 reviews

Purna’s high potency Vitamin C complex Gummies are ideal for those looking to supplement their diet to meet daily vitamin C nutrient needs. Vitamin C Gummies provide you with daily immune support, protects from cold and fights viral infections

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 Bright Skin

 Boost immiunty

 Support Heart Health

No Chemicals
100% Organic
No Gluten
No Transfat

What is it?

Purna Immunity Vitamin C Lemon Gummies help provide antioxidant support to the body while boosting immunity. These gummies improve skin health by promoting collagen production. Vitamin C offers a wide range of benefits from supporting the immune system to helping prevent premature aging and acne. It also protects against harmful UV rays. These gummies are easy to consume and come in a delicious lemon flavour.

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